If you've been searching for a complete Backflow Prevention Management software solution, look no further than iBak from BCS, Inc.

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Welcome to iBak™

Developed by BCS, Inc., iBak is a backflow application system and complete solution platform for the information and processing needs of BPM operations and cross-connection control programs. iBak improves and extends the administration of backflow prevention for reclaimed water and quality maintenance systems, and delivers fully automated interfacing with in-house Utility Billing applications and coordination with BPM devices and water testing agents.

iBak offers the most robust set of functions and capabilities of any Backflow Prevention Management (BPM) software and database system available in the market today!

     Easy & Full Administration
     Flexible & Customizable
     Links with External Systems
     Tracks Devices & Test Results
     Manages Compliance, Work Orders & Events
     Completely Secure

iBak simplifies the administration side of your cross-connection control program and/or backflow testing business! In order to run a successful Backflow Prevention Management operation, you need a complete, flexible and performance-driven system. WE HAVE IT!

iBak functionality was created to support the Backflow and Reclaim Site requirements for the City of Tucson Arizona Water Department, one of the most advanced water purveyors and management systems in the world - with more than 30,000 backflow devices, 160 miles of reclaimed water pipe, and serving more than 30 million gallons of reclaimed water daily.

iBak can be implemented around your specific requirements and we know it will exceed your expectations!

iBak is offered as a low monthly or annual software service subscription, with optional customization as well as data source and application integration. iBak can save water purveyors and BPM administrators the expense of up to several employees and tens of thousands of processed paper forms, providing an ROI of up to 10-20x per year!


iBak is completely flexible compared to other competitive solutions in the market today. Our application can be hosted on your own platform if available or can easily be hosted by BCS Inc. This feature sets us apart as we allow our clients if they are capable to manage their own application needs to fit within their security and workflow needs.

If you need to integrate iBak into external customer applications such as Utility Billing, GIS, or others, we provide custom integration implementation to allow our software to work with your existing systems to maximize process efficiency.


iBak provides complete reporting for users of every level. Reports can be customized to provide detail levels necessary for any role within your management organization. This becomes especially critical when managing compliance and testing for Backflow devices. Ensure that your field and office employees have the reports they need to remain compliant and efficient!

Additionally, information portals are provided for key external users such as testers and inspectors.

Thin Client Design

Authorized end users access the application via the internet or an intranet using a browser. No special hardware or software is required. The application can be used from any location which has network access, including the field locations of the devices (by inspectors, testers, etc.).

The application is installed at a single server location (standard Microsoft IIS/ASP implementation, with either SQL Server or Oracle database) and can be used by any number of end users.


The application implements a robust security environment including:

  • Access to application facilities via VPN
  • User access requires unique login id/password
  • Passwords must be changed on regular intervals
  • Application implements customizable role based permissions which restrict facilities to only those users who have been authorized for access